The Creative Process

Now and again I get emails from new bloggers asking how I come up with so many things to post about and how I discipline myself to write regularly.
Almost as if I have some sacred writers’ secret that allows me to put lots of words on a page/screen effortlessly.
The truth is I’m a bit of a mess when it comes to posting.
I’m far too easily distracted and if I’m planning to post, I need to factor in an extra three hours beforehand during which I tire myself out and waste my life with random distractions until BOOM suddenly I’m in The Zone and I can post.
I’m just really lucky that I’m a very quick writer, so that when I actually hit on an idea and find the concentration to document it, I can get it down before something shiny takes me away again.
I’d be screwed if I was one of those meticulous people who need to get it ‘perfect’ and spend DAYS editing and re-editing.

On Sunday, I made myself sit down and put together some posts for the week.
I opened the blog, a song came on iTunes and I thought “Oooo I wonder if I can play that on the ukulele” and I was gone.
17  songs later, I was recording myself plaingy a part that I couldn’t figure out the chords for (usually I record, listen back and go Duh, I need to go higher/lower/whatever here – I become a little deaf after a while with the uke) and when I clicked the Stop button, I must’ve double-clicked, because it started recording again.
Without me knowing.
Thankfully there was no nose-picking on my part.
And so here’s two-hours-and-15-minutes of my creative process smushed into a 4-minute video.
Youtube-watching, Facebook-chatting, clothes-washing – pretty much everything but actual writing.
Until the veeeeeery end….when I realise the webcam is recording….


The Ukulele

Last week on a rather dull trip to Argos to get clothes hangers, I purchased a ukulele on a whim.
That’s right – a whim.
As most of you who have befriended me on Facebook know, I’ve been a little in love with this video recently and I found myself really wanting to learn to play that song.
But – alas – I’m notoriously retarded when it comes to playing musical instruments.
I bought a guitar a few years ago, meaning to teach myself to play.
I spent 10mins trying to tune it and then gave up and never went back.
I have no patience and very poor hand-eye coordination.
So now it decorates my sitting-room.

But something has changed since then.
I made it past tuning the ukulele.
Testing my luck, I spent 15mins trying to learn a few chords, which went ok, but a hectic schedule meant I didn’t touch it again until late on Monday night….and something clicked.
Tuesday night I actually managed to play a song (not very efficiently or well, but shush!).
And on Wednesday night, I recorded it for your viewing pleasure!
Sure, I’m getting the hang of it, but I’m still pretty terrible, so you’ll get a laugh out of it.
Bum notes, forgetting chords/words, crazy faces when I make mistakes (which is a lot) and listening back, I think the uke may have actually been out of tune.
Oh and as many of you remember from a previous video, I’m not exactly vocally blessed (nasally five-year-old syndrome *sigh*), but I have to ‘sing’ it to keep time.

Also there’s a little message for all you lovely readers in there.

The things I do for you guys….
Let the humiliation begin!

(apologies for any volume issues….twas the best I could do!)