The Diary of a Pre-Teen -Part 7

I’m afraid this is the last Diary Entry, folks. In this installment, we see pre-teen Hermia battle with the traumas of emerging hormones and impending teenagedom. She also gives an insightful analysis of the Millenium.

Thursday 18th October 1999

Dear Diary,
So I think David and Clare are dating.
I saw them about 2 weeks ago. I got off the school bus at my stop and Clare got off as well even though it wasn’t her stop because she had seen David. So he was walking along where I was and I said Hi and Clare said she was going home and made to walk in the same direction as him, so I headed off. But as I turned around, I saw the two of them moving close together like they were in love.
I just want him to love me. I want him to put his arms around my waist, pull me close, tilt my chin up and kiss me. Then I’d be happy.
But it’s never going to happen.
So I’ll go,

Sunday 21st November

Dear Diary,
Penny got her period on Friday the 12th. I can’t help feeling a bit down. She’s already wearing a bra and I’m still in a vest. It’s really embarrassing in school when we’re changing for PE but I hide it, because if the girls ever found out I’d never live it down. I’m going to try and get one but I’ve nothing to put in it.
Oh yeah, I finished my book Behind You. It ended at 103 pages. I’m re-writing it now.
Alison is my best friend in school now.
Penny is still my best ever friend.
Gotta go,

Saturday 1st January 2000

Can You Believe It Diary?
Today is the first day of the Millenium! At 12 o’clock we ran out onto the road. There were loads of fireworks and bright colours brightening up the dark, black sky and there were green firework fountains and exploding rockets everywhere! And people ran up and down the road wishing everyone a Happy New Millenium and drinking. It was great!
Christmas was good too. I got Penny a Steps tape and she got me a Celine Dion tape.
I don’t like David anymore. Well, it’s a New Year’s resolution. It’s getting ridiculous. I’m daydreaming about him and fantasising about him asking me out. It’s so stupid. It can’t be healthy. So that’s that, I guess.
My Celine Dion tape rocks. I’m listening to it right now.
Going now,

And that’s all, Folks!