The Weekend

Have you ever had a perfect weekend?
No, me neither…
…until now.

It came from nowhere.
I had a few plans.
Nothing crazy.
It just seemed like any other weekend.

I’ve been volunteering at the Absolut Fringe Festival over the last couple of weeks and was due to work a shift on Friday (after my actual job).
The theatre space was a bit of a distance from where I live, so I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about the whole thing.
And then last minute, my shift was changed to a performance space a short walk from my apartment.
With two hilarious shows on.
That I got to watch while working.

“Good grief, that was a spot of good luck, old chap,” I said to no one in particular, as I left the theatre at 10pm

The cold I’d felt coming on since that morning had disappeared and I was feeling very good about life.
Upon hearing that a friend who had popped home from Germany for a few days was partaking in act of alcohol consumption at a nearby tavern with some other friends of mine, I made a crazy decision not to call it a night and to join them, despite my less-than-pretty Volunteering outfit.
Really good decision.
Really good night.
Which ended up in Charlies and as I’ve told you all before, boys and girls, every good night ends with chicken balls and curry sauce in Charlies.
Although technically it didn’t end there at 3.30am, for there was another group of friends just around the corner who occupied me for another hour, bless their hearts.

Saturday morning, I was up bright and early to witness one of the greatest rugby games I’ve seen in years, which resulted in an Irish win over an Australian side.
“This is unreal,” I told EVERYONE I’ve ever know. “If Dublin wins the All-Ireland Final tomorrow, this will be the greatest weekend of my life.”
Saturday afternoon was spent chatting and drinking tea with The Bessie and that night was a rather a cosy affair, the details of which will not be shared in this space.
Moving on.

And so I found myself sitting in front of a tiny screen the following afternoon, watching the Dublin v Kerry GAA match online.
I felt sick, my stomach was cramping up with the stress of the occasion, my nails were bitten into non-existence and I was cursing like a sailor and gasping like a fish out of water (or something to that effect).
It was close.
I didn’t think I could deal with a loss to Kerry after seeing how well we were playing.
And when the ball sailed through the posts during the last minute, giving us that narrow lead, it was just too much to cope with.
I was in floods of tears.
We’d won.
We actually won.
It was unbelievable.
16 years and The Sam was back in Dublin.
Words just won’t do the feeling justice.

That night I curled up on the couch in my pjs with the Work Girls as we introduced The Roomie to the Gilmore Girls.
Sure, I could’ve gone out to the pub to celebrate with the rest of my fellow Dubs, but I was so genuinely happy, it seemed like a waste to blur it all into a haze by drinking.

I woke up in a ridiculously cheery mood this morning and despite the fact that the streets were packed with annoying student tourists who stroll along in loud giant groups that you can’t get by, I failed to succumb to the bad mood that would usually have taken me down.
I was still smiling as I walked into work.
It’s going to be a good week.


Let me tell you about the time I….fell on stage

Ah yes…yet another embarrassing moment in the life of one Miss Hermia.

You should all know  by now that during my three years at Dublin City University I was an obsessive active member of DCU Drama.
My first year was spent in the background of shows playing characters like the legendary Fiesty Villager 3 and That Random Member of the Salvation Army.
It wasn’t until Second Year that I was actually given a proper part with a name and everything!
The show was the annual Pantomime and that year we were doing Back to Neverland.
It’s probably the show I have the best memories of because basically it was the only show that I wasn’t stressed out over as all I had to do was fit into my costume and remember my lines.
Also it was a Hella Funny/Fun show to be a part of.
I do love the random whimsy of panto!

The other day I got a text from the ever-helpful Drama Bob (one of the masterminds behind NYMT…remember Spring Awakening from last year?) telling me that he’d had a chance to put together DVDs of  some of the old shows I’d been in (isn’t he lovely?).
Once I’d gotten them home, the first one I plonked into the DVD player was Back to Neverland.
Curling up on the couch with a cup of tea made by a highly amused The Boy, I began my running commentary:
“Oh God, the Intro Music!! I’d forgotten it was Back to the Future! And oh there’s the music for the Red Indians’ first dance (I played one of the Indian Girls….bimbo-style). OH LOOK, we’re coming out now….and we’re doing our spinning circle thing….and there I am….falling….and still being pulled around in the circle….”
Please see Exhibit A…

Typically, the one night I happen to fall is the night the show is being recorded.
You see there’s a scene later on in the show where the cast comes out with water guns and soaks the audience.
Right before the show that night, some of the lads decided to have a water fight.
On the stage.
And didn’t clean up afterwards.
So as I spun in that circle in my already slippy tights on an already slidey floor and hit a small puddle of water….well I didn’t stand a chance considering I find it difficult to stay upright in ideal conditions.
I think the fact that the people in the circle didn’t stop spinning made it look even more humiliating as the audience got to watch me being dragged along helplessly.

Every other show had gone off without a hitch on my part.
As Murphy’s Law would have it, this also happened to be the night that the Lentra Crew had travelled all the way across Dublin to see my in my first proper role.
They still won’t let me forget it happened.
The Boy (who was then Boy) didn’t come.
He was too cool for plays.
And we may have sorta hated each other then.

Anyway, that wasn’t the only thing that went wrong.
See Exhibit B…

Around the 4:40 mark you’ll see me get a packet of sweets stuck in my bra during our Really Obvious Product Placement gag.
Having the boobies of a ten-year-old, I had no cleavage to nestle them in and so had to jam them under the wee strap at the front of the contraption.
Where they refused to budge from that night.
The Lentra Crew were peeing themselves with laughter at this point.
I should point out that the Blue Indian’s sweets opened up inside her costume during the next show and she was pooping wine gums for the whole scene.

Thankfully I made it through the rest of the show without making a bigger arse of myself.
A miracle, you could call it!
And despite having to sit out the Benny Hill scene because of a twisted ankle caused by the fall, I made it out for the final song, which is still probably my favourite part of the show…

So there you have it.
Hermia’s Terribly Embarrassing Moments now come with video footage (cartoon and otherwise).
Oh and if you’re all reeeaaalllly good, Suzie Q will provide footage of THIS infamous performance very soon!