Well obviously I’ve written a few wee things for this website *cough*
I’ve also contributed to a number of other blogs and sites such as…
(unfortunately my ‘womens issues’ articles were removed when the site became a Beauty site over a year ago)
The Licentiate
My Teacups in Peony
and many, many more.

I do some work for tRTE’s new Red Radar site

As far as print media is concerned, I started off at Dublin City University’s College View…
…where I worked my way up to Arts Editor and even had my own much-loved column in that paper (and by ‘much-loved’ I mean ‘controversial’ and ‘enemy-making’)…no PDF copies of those at the moment I’m afraid though!

After college, I managed to get some writing experience in Dyflin Media, where I contributed to Confetti Bridal. The toughest lesson I learned there was that your name isn’t always put on your work… *sigh*

While I was there, I also got to contribute to House and Home magazine…

…as well as Prudence magazine. When I finished my internship at Dyflin, I spent some time freelancing at the The Irish Daily Mail.
Unfortuntately you’ll have to wait until I’ve saved enough pennies for a scanner before you see the articles from those publications….
Ah the life of a Recesionista!


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