As most of you have probably noticed, the blog has been private for the last couple of months.
Anyone who saw the announcement on the twitter account or Facebook page knows that the The Stalkers managed to find the new blog and while it KILLS me to do it, I’m going to have to stop posting here.
I really thought I could keep going with My Calamity Physics after they forced me to shut down A Chick Named Hermia, but it was not to be.
Unfortunately, I just don’t have the enthusiasm to start yet another blog and put endless hours of work into building it up, so it looks like I’m done with blogging for now.
Thank you all for your support over the years.


The Step Too Far

Discussing ways The Roomie could sneak alcohol into Electric Picnic….
Me: You could get one of those cute flasks from Urban Outfitters! Oh they have really pretty floral ones and you could just put your spirits in there and buy a coke or something when you get in there for a mixer.
The Roomie: Oh yeah, I might do that actually.
Work Chum: Or you can get one of those things you strap to your back!
Me: Huh?
Work Chum: You know, you strap the bag onto your back under your clothes. There are arm straps like a normal bag, but it’s fitted to your body and there’s a straw that comes out of it and over your shoulder.
The Roomie: Oh yeah my friend had one of them at a festival last year and we were all taking sips of rum from a straw – it was great!
Me: That is really great.
Work Chum: OR….you could hide drink under a hat.
The Roomie: Security might ask my to take it off though.
Me: Just cry and say you’re too embarrassed because your hair is disgusting and sweaty and you look hideous. You’re a girl – it’s believable.
Work Chum: Or say someone shaved part of your head the night before and you don’t want anyone to see.
The Roomie: Or say that I have cancer and lost my hair through chemo.
Me/Work Chum: *looking horrified* NO! You can’t!
The Roomie: Why not?
Me: Cos that’s just awful! And it’s too real!! And it’s an illness.
The Roomie: I could say I have alopecia.
Work Chum: GAH!!
Me: *covering ears* Stop picking real diseases! What is wrong with you!?
The Roomie: I guess I could just hide a small bottle of something in the crotch of my trousers…