The Weekend

Have you ever had a perfect weekend?
No, me neither…
…until now.

It came from nowhere.
I had a few plans.
Nothing crazy.
It just seemed like any other weekend.

I’ve been volunteering at the Absolut Fringe Festival over the last couple of weeks and was due to work a shift on Friday (after my actual job).
The theatre space was a bit of a distance from where I live, so I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about the whole thing.
And then last minute, my shift was changed to a performance space a short walk from my apartment.
With two hilarious shows on.
That I got to watch while working.

“Good grief, that was a spot of good luck, old chap,” I said to no one in particular, as I left the theatre at 10pm

The cold I’d felt coming on since that morning had disappeared and I was feeling very good about life.
Upon hearing that a friend who had popped home from Germany for a few days was partaking in act of alcohol consumption at a nearby tavern with some other friends of mine, I made a crazy decision not to call it a night and to join them, despite my less-than-pretty Volunteering outfit.
Really good decision.
Really good night.
Which ended up in Charlies and as I’ve told you all before, boys and girls, every good night ends with chicken balls and curry sauce in Charlies.
Although technically it didn’t end there at 3.30am, for there was another group of friends just around the corner who occupied me for another hour, bless their hearts.

Saturday morning, I was up bright and early to witness one of the greatest rugby games I’ve seen in years, which resulted in an Irish win over an Australian side.
“This is unreal,” I told EVERYONE I’ve ever know. “If Dublin wins the All-Ireland Final tomorrow, this will be the greatest weekend of my life.”
Saturday afternoon was spent chatting and drinking tea with The Bessie and that night was a rather a cosy affair, the details of which will not be shared in this space.
Moving on.

And so I found myself sitting in front of a tiny screen the following afternoon, watching the Dublin v Kerry GAA match online.
I felt sick, my stomach was cramping up with the stress of the occasion, my nails were bitten into non-existence and I was cursing like a sailor and gasping like a fish out of water (or something to that effect).
It was close.
I didn’t think I could deal with a loss to Kerry after seeing how well we were playing.
And when the ball sailed through the posts during the last minute, giving us that narrow lead, it was just too much to cope with.
I was in floods of tears.
We’d won.
We actually won.
It was unbelievable.
16 years and The Sam was back in Dublin.
Words just won’t do the feeling justice.

That night I curled up on the couch in my pjs with the Work Girls as we introduced The Roomie to the Gilmore Girls.
Sure, I could’ve gone out to the pub to celebrate with the rest of my fellow Dubs, but I was so genuinely happy, it seemed like a waste to blur it all into a haze by drinking.

I woke up in a ridiculously cheery mood this morning and despite the fact that the streets were packed with annoying student tourists who stroll along in loud giant groups that you can’t get by, I failed to succumb to the bad mood that would usually have taken me down.
I was still smiling as I walked into work.
It’s going to be a good week.


12 Comments on “The Weekend”

  1. Aw, hooray for impromptu drinking sessions and sporting victories! I missed the rugby on Saturday, woke up on time when the Bear was getting up for it and said I’d get up in ten minutes…famous last words. I was awoken by the sound of the Bear in the sitting room roaring “TOMMY BOWWWWE!” and ran upstairs to find there were only two minutes left! RAGING. Glad you had such a good weekend, m’lady! 🙂

    • CC says:

      Can’t believe he didn’t wake you back up…for shame! But yeah, that Tommy Bowe moment was amazing…I nearly lost my laptop because of it! I was watching it in bed and when he broke away I screamed and jumped and the laptop headed towards the floor….I still think the only reason my reflexes were quick enough to catch it was so I could keep watching the game, lol!

  2. here here! I forgot about the all ireland finals, as I was in Spain sunning myself (ha!) Well, my weekend was rather shite, I compenplated handing my notice in, but I didn’t in the end… hmm… no wonder I want to go back on holiday. Back to work blues perchance?!


  3. Karin says:

    It was a fairly epic weekend in terms of sport.. congrats also for introducing another person to the joys of the gilmore girls, winning all around I’d say! x

  4. Your roomie had never seen the Gilmore Girls? For shame!
    And as a Kerry person, even I have to say that I was glad Dublin won. It’s about time they were back in the game and Kerry shouldn’t win every year – although lots of people I know would be very happy if they did!

    • CC says:

      It was a great game! Both sides played so well, so it was a nice win. Sometimes there’s loads of bad feeling, because one side got lucky or there were lots of bad calls, etc, but I just thought it was a really good display of how the game should be played at that level.

  5. Aisling says:

    sounds wonderful 🙂 Especially the bit that you can’t share, virtual high five for that from newly single me! *high fives*


    great chatting to you at the fashion festival by the way, sorry I couldn’t stay longer 😦 xx

  6. Yoni says:

    Such a good weekend 😀

    Sam is coming home to Wicklow next year, wait and see!

  7. Meream says:

    Haha I felt as excited as you are when you narrated the rugby bit. And I don’t like watching sports. 😛
    And because you have introduced someone to the Gilmore Girls, I’m pretty sure there is a bit more good karma waiting for you in weekends to come 🙂

  8. I can never have the joy of an All Ireland. I’m from Antrim after all *sad face*

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the weekend though!

  9. blaubushka says:

    nothing beats that All Ireland feeling (my grandfahter was one of the youngest ever captains of a winning team)

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