The Creative Process

Now and again I get emails from new bloggers asking how I come up with so many things to post about and how I discipline myself to write regularly.
Almost as if I have some sacred writers’ secret that allows me to put lots of words on a page/screen effortlessly.
The truth is I’m a bit of a mess when it comes to posting.
I’m far too easily distracted and if I’m planning to post, I need to factor in an extra three hours beforehand during which I tire myself out and waste my life with random distractions until BOOM suddenly I’m in The Zone and I can post.
I’m just really lucky that I’m a very quick writer, so that when I actually hit on an idea and find the concentration to document it, I can get it down before something shiny takes me away again.
I’d be screwed if I was one of those meticulous people who need to get it ‘perfect’ and spend DAYS editing and re-editing.

On Sunday, I made myself sit down and put together some posts for the week.
I opened the blog, a song came on iTunes and I thought “Oooo I wonder if I can play that on the ukulele” and I was gone.
17  songs later, I was recording myself plaingy a part that I couldn’t figure out the chords for (usually I record, listen back and go Duh, I need to go higher/lower/whatever here – I become a little deaf after a while with the uke) and when I clicked the Stop button, I must’ve double-clicked, because it started recording again.
Without me knowing.
Thankfully there was no nose-picking on my part.
And so here’s two-hours-and-15-minutes of my creative process smushed into a 4-minute video.
Youtube-watching, Facebook-chatting, clothes-washing – pretty much everything but actual writing.
Until the veeeeeery end….when I realise the webcam is recording….


7 Comments on “The Creative Process”

  1. Same – except no-one emails me for inspirational advice (why? why?) and mercifully, I don’t own a webcam. Facebook is a good inspiration buffer.

  2. Susan Doyle says:

    Ha! I recorded myself by accident once. Thank god people can’t see my face when I’m on facebook/gmail chat! I have the most exaggerated reactions ever. And I actually “LOL”. Embarrassing!

    PS. The fact that this is such an awesome idea for a post – makes this post even more inspiring!

    • CC says:

      Lol I’m the same….I react to things I write or read in the same way I would in person! I get some fairly strange looks in the office sometimes!

  3. `i always get distracted – like when I’m trying to do work something always occupy my brain & I get so worked up and can’t concentrate on anything OTHER than that thing.

    And sometimes when I should be doing blogging I always end up looking at what song is playing on Absolute 80s and whether we’ve got it on our library (and most times, we haven’t). But thankfully most of the time my webcam is off!!!

  4. haha thats deadly – especially how you eyes are all flickery cos its sped up! plus i love how you look like you’re chattering away out loud to yourself 🙂

  5. This is really cool! And I love that song by the Temper Trap. I saw them live last new years, they’re so good!

  6. hila says:

    ha, I can relate! I get such questions too, but you know, I think I just post when an idea enters my head. I don’t force a post when I don’t feel like it. I keep thinking the best advice I could give is to be as natural as possible to what makes you tick.

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