The Step Too Far

Discussing ways The Roomie could sneak alcohol into Electric Picnic….
Me: You could get one of those cute flasks from Urban Outfitters! Oh they have really pretty floral ones and you could just put your spirits in there and buy a coke or something when you get in there for a mixer.
The Roomie: Oh yeah, I might do that actually.
Work Chum: Or you can get one of those things you strap to your back!
Me: Huh?
Work Chum: You know, you strap the bag onto your back under your clothes. There are arm straps like a normal bag, but it’s fitted to your body and there’s a straw that comes out of it and over your shoulder.
The Roomie: Oh yeah my friend had one of them at a festival last year and we were all taking sips of rum from a straw – it was great!
Me: That is really great.
Work Chum: OR….you could hide drink under a hat.
The Roomie: Security might ask my to take it off though.
Me: Just cry and say you’re too embarrassed because your hair is disgusting and sweaty and you look hideous. You’re a girl – it’s believable.
Work Chum: Or say someone shaved part of your head the night before and you don’t want anyone to see.
The Roomie: Or say that I have cancer and lost my hair through chemo.
Me/Work Chum: *looking horrified* NO! You can’t!
The Roomie: Why not?
Me: Cos that’s just awful! And it’s too real!! And it’s an illness.
The Roomie: I could say I have alopecia.
Work Chum: GAH!!
Me: *covering ears* Stop picking real diseases! What is wrong with you!?
The Roomie: I guess I could just hide a small bottle of something in the crotch of my trousers…


2 Comments on “The Step Too Far”

  1. hahaa! I would of taken the whisky option, that way you can hide it 😉

    Mind you, I’ve never been to a festival. I plan on going to 80s rewind next year….. if my dad would come along with me. ha! 🙂


  2. Eva says:

    Everyone has one friend who always goes too far.. I think I may be that friend!

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