The Ukulele

Last week on a rather dull trip to Argos to get clothes hangers, I purchased a ukulele on a whim.
That’s right – a whim.
As most of you who have befriended me on Facebook know, I’ve been a little in love with this video recently and I found myself really wanting to learn to play that song.
But – alas – I’m notoriously retarded when it comes to playing musical instruments.
I bought a guitar a few years ago, meaning to teach myself to play.
I spent 10mins trying to tune it and then gave up and never went back.
I have no patience and very poor hand-eye coordination.
So now it decorates my sitting-room.

But something has changed since then.
I made it past tuning the ukulele.
Testing my luck, I spent 15mins trying to learn a few chords, which went ok, but a hectic schedule meant I didn’t touch it again until late on Monday night….and something clicked.
Tuesday night I actually managed to play a song (not very efficiently or well, but shush!).
And on Wednesday night, I recorded it for your viewing pleasure!
Sure, I’m getting the hang of it, but I’m still pretty terrible, so you’ll get a laugh out of it.
Bum notes, forgetting chords/words, crazy faces when I make mistakes (which is a lot) and listening back, I think the uke may have actually been out of tune.
Oh and as many of you remember from a previous video, I’m not exactly vocally blessed (nasally five-year-old syndrome *sigh*), but I have to ‘sing’ it to keep time.

Also there’s a little message for all you lovely readers in there.

The things I do for you guys….
Let the humiliation begin!

(apologies for any volume issues….twas the best I could do!)


19 Comments on “The Ukulele”

  1. Sineadrural says:

    ha ha I can’t hear it causethe shed I live in is too noisy..!!!!!But I’m very excited about this!!

  2. That was so lovely! YOU my girl are as cute as a freakin’ BUTTON.

  3. Sarah Mason says:

    Awesomesocks 🙂 I think it sounds purdy! You’re doing waaay better than I am nearly 2 years into guitar lessons, yes formal lessons, I am not musically gifted in any way, shape or form…..

  4. Sarah Mason says:

    Awesomesocks 🙂 I think it sounds purdy! You’re doing waaay better than I am nearly 2 years into guitar lessons, yes formal lessons, I’m not musically gifted in any way, shape or form…..

  5. Susan Doyle says:

    Aww I forgot how lovely your voice is. Haven’t really heard you since the Girls Aloud days… *shudder*

  6. this is really good!! :p you have a good voice, you just need to practice it! Unlike mine,,,, it caused me to delete my utube channel…. oh dear!!

    let’s get the ukulele into the charts….!!!


  7. Ahh, your voice is really soft and lovely.

  8. love love love it, you’re doing brilliantly for having only picked it up the other day… makes me want one – used to be able to play guitar a bit way back when!

    ps. you’re hair is looking great 🙂

  9. hila says:

    haha, that was adorable 🙂

  10. You did a great job! And your accent is really cute! Even though I knew you were Irish, I didn’t picture you with an irish accent, which is silly, really.

  11. ukulefty says:

    Good work on the song. 🙂 The ukulele is much easier and oh so much more fun to learn than the guitar!

    Actually if you haven’t heard it yet, Eddie Vedder (of Pearl Jam fame) has a pretty cool duet of Tonight You Belong To Me on his latest album, Ukulele Songs.


  12. Um, what can’t you do? I enjoyed your rendition very very much.

  13. Cool video! I have a ukelele that I got in Waltons ages ago, I feel guilty because I don’t play it. It’s impossible to tune 😦 And you don’t sound like a nasally five-year-old!

  14. BeckyDazzler says:

    Aw that was lovely!! *claps enthusiastically* xx

  15. whisty says:

    Just beautiful! You have such a sweet voice! More please! XX

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