The Walk to Work

My thoughts after leaving the apartment building this morning….

Oh it’s a really nice day today.
Feels very autumny, which means the summer is on its way out and I can wear WOOL again….hurrah!

That fry-up The Roomie made me was really lovely.
I wish I had time for that every morning.
Although health-wise it’s probably best I don’t.
That being said, I did have chocolate for breakfast yesterday morning…

Oh there’s The Screen Cinema.
I’m so glad it’s practically in our back garden.
It’s so nice and intimate.
Oh! I must check when they’re showing Moulin Rouge – I never got to see that when it was first out in the cinema.
Ewan McGregor is so lovely.
*mental swoon*

Oh dear, that man is very drunk.
And propping himself up against that wall.
Too early in the morning for that kind of thing.
What’s he doing with his hands?
Urgh, hopefully I can walk by without him shouting something at me.
Dammit, he’s seen me.
And he’s turning to face me.

OMG THAT’S HIS PENIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

*jumps back and makes disgusted face*
*half-runs by penis-wielding drunk man*
*bus drivers waiting for their shift to start enjoy a chuckle*

I instantly regret having those sausages for breakfast…..


10 Comments on “The Walk to Work”

  1. Lauren says:


    This is very funny…. but if it happened to me I would pee my pants with fear :/

  2. I used to live in a city in France – avoid Caen in Normandy – where this happened on a regular basis. But only to foreign girls. NEVER to French girls. I was there on an Erasmus exchange programme with my university and every single foreign girl I knew had at least one (but more like five) incidents with flashers/masturbators/etc but whenever we would mention it to our French female friends, they never knew what we were talking about…
    Very odd.

  3. omg, i’d probably do the same.

  4. that story reminded me so much of a friend who told a similar one when she was a student in france, so funny to see that comment from Sharon.
    Hope the fry stayed down…yuck, god love you!

  5. CC says:

    @Sharon & @acertainvintage: That’s madness!!! French people just seem too elegant and sophisticated for that kind of carrying on!

  6. Oooh! I’ve had that happen to me before! Its all sorts of wrong.

  7. Yup, that’ll happen. And when it happens a second or third time, it’s no less disturbing. #seentoomanyunwantedpenisesinpublic

  8. I did not see that coming

  9. terra says:

    Oh my goodness! What a way to start the day!

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