The Wordsmiths

In the office….
Casual Date Guy.
Work Chum: Yup, Casual Date Guy.
Me: Just Casual Date Guy.
Work Chum: Cos it’s so casual.
Me: Because it’s so casual
Work Chum: Just casual.
Me: So casual with the hanging out and the casualness and the being casual and the stuff. Casual Date Guy. So casual *thumbs up*
Work Chum: *thumbs up* Friend?
Me: *thumbs up* Oooo Friend!
Work Chum: *thumbs up* Football Friend!
Me: *thumbs up* Bwest Fwiend!!
Work Chum: *thumbs up* Awh Friend!
Me: *thumbs up* Your friend the footballer. Oooo Friend!
Work Chum: *thumbs up* Oh Car Friend
Me: *thumbs up* Ohhh Best Friends forever and ever…
*cue five more minutes of Inbetweeners references*

An example of two journalism graduates putting their wordsmithing abilities to valuable use…


5 Comments on “The Wordsmiths”

  1. ha! This made me laugh. Reminds me of Jedward’s conversations in the CBB house!!


  2. Inbetweeners quotes ftw, did you see the film? Laughed about it even hours after I’d seen it!

    Also, a bit of a random question, but were you walking by Stephen’s Green/The Shelbourne yesterday evening? Because I thought I saw you and was going to say something! You looked very stylish!

    • CC says:

      Lol, it quite possibly was, because I work on that road….although I don’t usually look very stylish after a day of work! You absolutely should’ve said Hi…it would’ve been amazing! 🙂

      • Well, you looked stylish that day! I’m usually around Stephen’s Green so I’m sure I’ll see you again, I’ll just say “running away quickly” and see if you figure it out! haha

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