The Things You Shouldn’t Admit

It’s just occurring to me that this will be the second post in a row referencing a table quiz.
Yes, they are different quizzes.
No, I promise I don’t spend my life going to table quizzes.
These were actually the first two I’ve gone to in about five years!

So yes, there I was at a table quiz with Work Chum and The Roomie.
We were doing TERRIBLY, along with nearly every other team, because the questions had been set by the Super Group of Nerdy Nerd-People and were pretty much impossible to answer unless you had a doctorate in obscure physics or a PhD in the political-systems-of-countries-that-I-still-don’t-think-actually-exist.
It was all ok, because there was a really attractive boy with amazing hair for me to look at.
Who I then decided to track down a few weeks later.
You know, cos I was bored at the time.
And not because I’m crazy.
So I found his Facebook page (and might I add, I didn’t even know his name OR anyone at the table quiz) and when most of the info on his page was blocked to me, I tracked down his Twitter page.
Because I was REALLY bored.
And not crazy.
Just very thorough.
He turned out to be gay.
That amazing hair belonged to another man.

The point to this probably terrifying admission?
I’ve emerged from a long long-term relationship into a world where this kind of thing can be done!!
Back when I started dating we had MSN.
Bebo had just started, but wasn’t old enough to be a sufficient stalking tool!
So I’d just daydream and try to figure out class schedules so I could coincedentally be in the same place at the same time and speculate among friends if I saw him talking to another girl!

But this social networking generation that developed while I was a Smug Practically-Married Person is frightening.
I spoke about it to girls who have been single longer than me and they all stalk boys in a not-far-from-the-technical-definition-of obsessive manner!
They monitor Twitter pages and blogs and Facebook pages.
They google names, they stalk the pages of girls who comment on the Stalkee’s page, they sift through photo after photo.
It’s madness!

I mean, yes ok, I sort of stalked some random guy from a table quiz, but I promise it was just mild curiosity for my own amusement!
I wouldn’t have actually done anything after I found him (I think).

So is this what I have to look forward to?
Am I going to lose my mind if I meet a guy I actually really like?
Because I’m naturally curious – *cough* nosy *cough* – in general and I like finding things out (and pretending it’s all to understand people…cos I’m a writer…)
And as someone who trained as a journalist AND has had a blog for a couple of years, my internet stalking skills are above and beyond those of the normal person.
I could be dangerous.

But fingers crossed…maybe I’ll keep a hold of my sanity…hopefully… *prays*


9 Comments on “The Things You Shouldn’t Admit”

  1. oh god, I used to be like that with mr french dj. Don’t worry Herms, everyone does it! Now I don’t have twitter/facebook etc. It’s probably safer for me!!! :p


  2. thesaucycow says:

    Not a day goes by when I don’t do this! You have no idea how handy facebook is after meeting someone on a night out. Why not check out his fb before you text back and be able to decide if he’s a psycho or not? I see it as a filter system. Anyway get used to it and all the other fun parts of being single 😉

  3. I used to be terrible for this! Still am a little bit (ok, a LOT). I think it’s in our nature to be curious though, and privacy settings mean that whatever you see is what they want to share with the world. That’s the stalkers defence, and I’m sticking to it.

  4. Ellie says:

    Bahahaaa this was the greatest post ever. There is a small stalker in all of us ❤ love love love xxxx

  5. Emma says:

    Using Sarah’s excuse when I’m given a restraining order. Yep, I’m that bad. But, creeps are people too… 😉

  6. Eve says:

    Hahah. This is my life. Stalking cute boys with cute hair. Hahah. It’s sad how often they turn out to be gay…
    Many people have told me that I am such a creep, I’m glad I’m not the only stalker out there. Hehe.

  7. Magatha May says:

    faceebook stalking is only natural… most people edit their pages so that stalkers can get the info they really want anyway.

  8. terra says:

    Remember in the old days when you just lost touch with people and you didn’t have any way of knowing what they were doing at any given moment? We were practically dinosaurs back then!

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