The Happy Drink

The last time I drank Malibu was at the start of my final year in college, after which I proceeded to sit down on the campus ground outside the student laundrette and pour my drink into the air vents so that it would somehow get into the washing machines and “everyone’s clothes will smell like summer”.
In reality all that was happening was that the drink was trickling back out of the vent and onto the ground, where it soaked into my pretty blue Topshop dress.
Which I didn’t even notice.
Because I was so happy.
And when I did notice an hour or so later, I was still happy.
Probably because I smelled like ‘summer’.

Anyway, that was the last time I touched the stuff – not sure why – until the table quiz I was at on Wednesday night.
The night went something like this:
(times are TOTALLY being made-up here for effect)
8pm: Yay, my team is awesome…we could totally win this!
8:50pm: We kicked ass in those two rounds!
9:15pm: Sports Round is not our friend, but we’re still doing really well!
9:30:pm: What do you mean we’re in last place!!!?
9:31pm: Stupid table quiz.
9:32pm: I take that back, this is fun…we can still win this!
9:50pm: Yeah we’re not going to win this.
10:15pm: YAY! Team Mate won a bottle Malibu and a GIANT BOX of Milk Tray in the raffle!
10:16pm: And Team Mate is SHARING those treasures with us!
10:20pm: Mmmm this is nice, why did I ever stop drinking this?
10:45pm: We won the prize for best team name! Go TaranTeamo!!!! THIS IS THE HAPPIEST MOMENT OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!
11:00pm: I’m really looking forward to doing the early shift in work tomorrow and drinking more is such a lovely idea! Life is great!!
11:05pm: OMG! We came in third-last place!! AMAZING!!!!

And so continued the night of sheer happiness.
And I have finally realised that Malibu is my happy drink.
I become a child, wide-eyed and filled with wonder!
And it even continues into the next day’s hangover:

Me: *starts laughing hysterically*
Work Chum: What?
Me: Oh God, I went to type ‘Bobby’ and typed ‘Booby’ instead!!! Ah ha ha ha ha ha!
Work Chum joined in this laughter because her sleep deprivation had made her hysterical and confused.

And so I have made an important life decision.
I will just drink Malibu constantly!


6 Comments on “The Happy Drink”

  1. Meream says:

    Oh you’re the “everyone’s best friend” kind of drunk! Ha! How fun!

    Also, I shall now look for Malibu in my sad lil city. πŸ˜€

  2. lil-bee says:

    Hahahahahahahaha oh this made me laugh so much πŸ˜€ specially the bit about work chum being hysterical and confused πŸ˜› lol thank you!

    And congrats on the important life discovery πŸ˜‰

  3. I’ve never had Malibu, but I know what I’ll be having next time I’m on a night out!

  4. terra says:

    Best team name ever! Glad you guys won that.

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