The House Hunt

So there I was, alone and without a friend in the world free to move in with me – there was no choice but to search for a room in a house with complete strangers.
Piece of cake, right?

I began my search with buckets of positivity and headed off to the first place with a bounce in my step, accompanied by my lovely friend Zak, who was very excited when we saw that this  ‘apartment’ was above a creepy ‘old man’ pub.
It could still be good, I told myself.
Regardless of the outside, the inside might be very modern and lovely…right?

Eh, wrong.

We squeezed up a narrow staircase that smelled of Guinness and beer, at which point we realised this stairs could be accessed through a door that led INTO the pub.
The door also had a big glass window in it.
When we got up to the ‘apartment’ the guy informed me that the pub’s ladies toilet were ‘just under the sitting-room’.
I already knew.
I could smell it.
“So that’s the first bedroom,” he said indicating a tiny, dirty room with an actual shower in the corner where a wardrobe should have been.
“And the other one is up the next flight of stairs.”
Gingerly, I made my way up the stairs, careful not to touch anything for fear that the ‘pub smell’ would never leave me if I did.
The second bedroom was marginally better and without the shower feature.
“That’s the bathroom,” he said pointing to a tiny en-suite that was on the other side of SOMEONE’S BEDROOM.
Yes, every time I needed to whizz or clean myself, I had to pick my way through someone else’s room.

So that was a no.

Subsequent places were worse  -yes, it IS possible – and I was beginning to plan my life on the cold, mean streets of Dublin.
And then, like a sparkling beacon of loveliness, a girl from work randomly came to my rescue while we were at a table quiz.
“We should look for a place together,” she said, informing me that she was ready to move out of her parents’ house.

Within a week we had secured a ridiculously beautiful apartment right in the centre of the city, with a view of the river from our bedrooms and the sitting room.
Not only that, but The Roomie managed to knock €100 off the monthly rent and we persuaded them to replace one of the beds with a shiny new base and mattress.

I’m almost afraid to say it, but it seems like things are starting to look up…


12 Comments on “The House Hunt”

  1. gillian says:

    im so glad youre back to regular blogging! i missed these kind of stories!

  2. lil-bee says:

    I’m worried. I feel like a storm is coming :O lol, but I hope your new housemate doesn’t turn out to be a psycho 🙂 good luck!

  3. terra says:

    Yay! I’m glad there’s a good ending to your apartment search. I was always fascinated when going house-shopping because some places are just so weirdly designed. Glad you’ve found a lovely new place to live!

  4. omg. a place right in the city center overlooking the Liffey?! oh my – amazing!

    glad to see things are looking up for you. new appartment, new beginnings!


  5. Emma says:

    Oh the joys of house hunting! Absolutely dreading moving in October! Your Roomie sounds like a living angel x

  6. That sounds like the perfect conclusion. Also, overlooking the Liffey?! Wow!

  7. kellebelle says:

    Gah – that first place sounds awful! The bathroom situe would kill me! Glad you got a nice place in the end – yay! 🙂 xxx

  8. it doesn’t rain, it pours! glad to see you’re neither homeless nor living in a slum 🙂

  9. Ah, it sounds like a nice new place!! I really need to get my act together and move out of the parents place!! :)SarahD

  10. Karin says:

    Sooo glad you’re back! Going to have to remember to start calling you by your actual name now and not Hermia, ha! I’m delighted you found a pretty apartment and a normal room mate!

  11. Ciara says:

    I’m pretty sure I saw that apartment a few years ago, unless there’s some sort of spate of oddly laid out apartments over pubs. The girl who was moving out was showing me around and I hadn’t coped what she meant by the en-suite is in the other room(?) so I barged through the door she was pointing at expecting a bathroom….roomie had her boyfriend over, if you get my drift…..

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