The Landlords

“We’ll be there in the early afternoon.”
I re-read their text and glanced at my watch for the millionth time.
It read 2:58pm.
“Feck sake,” I muttered to myself and put on another episode of Beverley Hills 90210.

I was getting used to this with our landlords.
They were inconsiderate and rude in general, but this was particularly bad.
They told me they’ve be arriving some time on Sunday – that’s right, some time – and eventually after a lot of work on my part, they narrowed it down to ‘early afternoon’, which by my reckoning meant 12-2pm.
So I rearranged the plans I’d already made, telling my friends I’d be there about 4pm (allowing for any delays, I’d presumed the landlords would be gone by 3pm latest).

“Can you let me know when you’ll be arriving?” I text Mrs Landlord.
10mins later I got “Oh we got stuck in traffic. Be there in about 20mins.”

At 3:55pm the walked through our front door.
Mr Landlord proceeded to stomp through the house without a word to me, opening doors and peering into rooms, inspecting cupboards, throwing back the net curtain across the back door to examine the garden.

I’m so over this, I thought.

Once he was done, we all sat down in the sitting room.
“K, I’d like to just talk to you about our situation,” I began. “As you know, I’m having trouble finding a third housemate and He Who Must Not Be Named can’t keep paying the extra rent after this month, because he needs to find somewhere to live himself.”
They stared at me.
“Well obviously it’s a lot of hassle for you guys not having this sorted and with having to keep  coming up to Dublin to meet new tenants and organise leases, so since it’s not looking like we’ll find a respectable third person any time soon, I wanted to talk to you about the possibility of me terminating my lease, so you guys can find a stable tenant. I know there was a lot of interest from families when we first took the place from you and I think you’d have an easier time finding a family to move in than we would finding another person to take the extra room. So what do you think?”

There, I thought, I managed to say that quite reasonably.
No ultimatums, I’m just asking how they’d feel about it…

All of a sudden Mr Landlord verbally exploded at me.
He accused me of being nothing but trouble to him, asked me what the hell we were playing at with breaking up, told me he was taking our full deposit and that I had to be out of the house by the start of the next month.

Being the mature adult I am, I burst into tears as he got really personal about The Break-Up and in complete shock, I just sat there, tears streaming down my face, while he stood over me in his threatening, bullying manner, and Mrs Landlord sat with a spaced half-smile on her face.

Ten minutes later they were gone after informing me I had to pay to reupholster an entire leather suite because of a couple of tiny tears on the under-corner from when we moved them into another room…on top of losing our full deposit.

“Wow,” said The Evil Housemate (who btw, had no problem with me ending the lease – I OKed it with him before talking to the landlords). “That was intense.”
“He was so mean,” I said, still in shock.
“He really was. Completely out of order.”

And so I had a mere 3 weeks to find a new place to live before I was homeless.
No pressure….


10 Comments on “The Landlords”

  1. oh my. That landlord was a bit harsh! I agree, he was totally out of order. I mean, it wasn’t your fault you couldn’t get a third tenant! Some people are just cruel. I just hope you’ve found a new place to live now! 🙂 x

  2. lil-bee says:

    Oh what a prick :O why is he taking out his frustrations on you? :O and he didn’t even apologise when you started crying? What about his wife? Awkward! Be glad you’re out soon 🙂

  3. skinni peach says:

    loving this new look lady! and you look fab in those pics : )

  4. Eimear says:

    I’d be taking that further if I was you. He was a total jerk and no matter what happened, he should not have spoken to you like that. It’s not as if you were doing it on purpose. He needs someone to give him a good kick up the arse!

  5. terra says:

    What an asshole. There’s no reason for behavior like that. None at all. I’m sorry it all happened like that.

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