Murder Most Justified…

I’ve realised that while I was filling you all in on my emotional state after the break-up, you guys had no idea about the general status of the rest of my life during those last couple of months.

As you probably remember, myself and He Who Must Not Be Named moved into a new house and adopted new kittens a mere three weeks before The Break Up.
Bad Timing City.
He moved back in with his parents and after I found a new home for the Nordie Kittens, I was left in the giant house with the odious task of searching for new housemates so I didn’t have to break our 12-month lease.
I also had the pleasure of dealing with the Landlords From Hell.

After a few weeks of heavy-breathing phonecalls from foreign men, I eventually interviewed one half-normal guy and handed him a key to my home.
And instantly regretted it.

The first bump came the day he moved in.
He needed to move in immediately, which meant he would be living there during a month myself and HWMNBN had already paid for, so I told him he could live there rent-free for those two weeks and then begin paying from the start of the next month.
Cos I’m nice.
And probably an idiot.

BUT I did emphasise the need for him to still give me the deposit and one month’s rent on the day he moved in – basically he was getting 6 weeks for the price of 4.
He was living there a whole week and I had to say it to him 3 times before he gave me the rent.

The next few weeks consisted of him living on my couch (I say ‘my’ couch, because a leather suite came with the house, but he still insisted on always lying on MY one), hogging the TV and internet and working a lot less hours than he told me he would be and sucking up electricity from 12 in the morning until 12 at night, which pushed the bills FAR higher than I’d expected (and he was still only paying a fixed amount).
There was also the day I came in to find him lying on my couch in  his underwear.
Oh and there was his tendency to always leave his bedroom door open, so every time I passed by – which was every time I went to my room – I could see him….lying on his bed….usually in, yes you guessed it, his underwear.

Add to that the fact he always used MY dishes (and not the ones that came with the house) and then never washed them properly, he took food from my cupboards, refused to buy household items like washing-up liquid and black bags, left the bins overflowing rather than change them, left bits of food everywhere… *stops for a breath*... and then combine those with a million other things AND his passive aggressive tendencies….are you getting the idea!?

At the same time, I was struggling to find the much needed third person to fill the last room at the time, so I made a decision.
I was out of there.
I never wanted to live in Tallaght anyway – I’d only stayed there for Him – I was ages away from work and friends and now I wasn’t even happy in my home.
Screw the lease: my sanity was WAY more important than our deposit.
I spoke to HWMNBN who immediately told me I should leave and not to worry about us losing the deposit.
And so I was almost free.
Now I just had to tackle the landlord….

To be continued…


10 Comments on “Murder Most Justified…”

  1. lil-bee says:

    Oh lord .. your new housemate sounds AWFUL 😦 hope you can get out of there, safe and sound 😀

  2. Oh my. No wonder he was the housemate from hell. Doesn’t he have any sense??! I mean it was basically your house. Ungrateful g!t!!!!

    Can’t wait to read part 2!!

  3. Wow, that definitely doesn’t sound like a good experience. And kudos for getting out of Tallaght, that’s what I hope to do some time soon! x

    • CC says:

      Ah I didn’t actually mind Tallaght, until I got really fed up with commuting and none of my friends lived there anymore…it’s not actually that bad!

  4. I love the new blog and I love your new look! And your room mate sounds terrible! Hope everything turns out ok.

  5. Rhona says:

    jaysus ya poor thing… sound like the months from hell! unfortunately now i’m glued to this like its a new thriller novel… cannot wait for the next post! (but you still have my sympathy) 🙂

    also love the photos of you!

  6. terra says:

    That sounds awful! I feel like it’s a right of passage to have an awful roommate situation at least once in your life, but that dude just sounds crazy. I wonder what situation he was in before that made him need to move in ASAP…

  7. farmerka2 says:

    The boy who’s name shall not be mentioned is really nice. On the brighter side of things at least his not a jeark after the break up.

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