Je ne comprend pas….

So the French classes start this evening.
Lads, I really don’t know what I was thinking!
This process is everything I hate: foreign languages, public speaking, making an idiot of myself and getting home late.
And I’m pretty sure I was repressing memories in order to manipulate myself into signing up to the class, because all of a sudden all these forgotten feelings and incidents are flocking back into my conscious and I’m freaking out.
This is pure madness!
It’s unbelievable that I would willingly put myself through this torment!

Here is a list of things I’d rather do than go to French tonight:
1. Have dinner with Kristen Stewart.
2. Borrow an outfit from Taylor Momsen and then proceed to wear said outfit in public during the sunlight hours.
3. Tell Stephenie Meyer she’s a talented wordsmith.
4. Tell Zooey Deschanel that I hate her and force her to stop making movies and music.
5. Spend a day with Hector Ó hEochagáin.
6. Have two dinners and brunch with Kristen Stewart.
7. Dance in public.
8: Encourage Stephenie Meyer to finish her fifth Twilight book.
9. Use the word ‘hater’ as part of my daily vocabulary.
10. Eat my weight in peas.


20 Comments on “Je ne comprend pas….”

  1. Never mind all that now…look at all the reasons you should be going to french class.
    1. It’s SO romantic and sophisticated to say “sorry…I have French class..perhaps another time”
    2. It’s SO romantic and sophisticated to say “sorry…I have French class..perhaps another time”
    3. It’s SO romantic and sophisticated to say “sorry…I have French class..perhaps another time”
    4. It’s SO romantic and sophisticated to say “sorry…I have French class..perhaps another time”

    You get the idea…good on you :-))

  2. Ahh! I hate peas! They are the worst of all the vegetables

  3. Blau von T says:

    now seeing you dressed as Momsen is ALL I can think about!

  4. glamrocks says:

    Kristen Stewart – She stole me fella. Grrr. Think of prancing around Paris speaking the native language!! Good luck with your first class!! x

  5. Emma says:

    Telling Stephanie Meyer she’s talented is extreme. Awful, awful woman.

  6. Jules says:

    hey, don’t be too glum! Just think of all those sexy conversations on the bus that you’ll be sharing with your fella – and no-one will know what the hell you’re saying…!! Just enjoy yourself! x

  7. I am also getting a picture of you dressed as Taylor Momsen stuck in my brain…

    You’ll be fine Ms Hermia! And if you don’t like it, you can always leave the class. There’s no shame in quitting if you’re not getting something out of it – just hold on for a few classes and see what you think. And feel totally free to disregard my totally unsolicited advice.

  8. Karin says:

    At least if you dressed as Taylor Momson you could pass it off as some sort of ridiculous fancy dress… nothing would ease the pain of spending dinner with Kristen Stewart.

  9. I love this post so much. Especially the bit about peas.

    Now go practice your French!

  10. Roseanna says:

    Bonne Chance, I think that’s right! It’s been too long since I’ve thought about French grammar and such. I didn’t tend to think about much when I was taking the subject. Hope it goes well, I’m sure it will though! 🙂

  11. Cli says:

    You will be okay. French can be bee-you-tea-full. And it’s a really nice feeling to understand pretty French films without the subtitles on.

    I like peas 😮

    I feel this way about broccoli though, bold broccoli creeps into everything.

  12. dreamer says:

    awww, i cannot public speak to save my life! but i’d love to learn some more french, i did a year of (pretty basic) french in high school and it was fun 🙂

  13. terra says:

    Sounds like you’re really excited for it…My husband is taking French currently and it’s pretty hilarious, actually. He hasn’t quite grasped how to pronounce French words and it’s pretty awful on the ears so far.

  14. your wan says:

    TELL ME ABOUT IT ! I began spanish classes two weeks ago and purposely missed last weeks class by forcing myself to fall asleep, hence missing class… ‘oops’ ! Dreading class later.

  15. theboywhofoundfear says:

    Think of how great you’ll feel once your fluent! focus on the goal!

  16. Missy says:

    ahhh I hate french class,also made the mistake of taking it up,good luck!love the list of alternatives to french hha x

  17. farmerka2 says:

    I feel the same way about Spanish. Once I get to the advance stuff I can barely pass the class. Stick in there though. Imagine how cool and sexy you’ll sound when speaking French. That’s what gets me through Spanish. I think I’ll turn into Penolpe Cruz 🙂

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