Conversations with The Boy

*flicking through our three TV stations last night*
Me: Ok so we can either watch a Coronation Street Past Episode Special Thingy, the news or….football.
The Boy: *sits up from the sheer excitement of simply hearing the word ‘football’*
Me: Well I’m know you’re Corrie’d out after the earlier episode and it’s not really fair to make me watch the football…
The Boy: *pouts*
Me: YOUR TEAM ISN’T EVEN PLAYING!!! You don’t support… *squints at screen, sees Ars 0 –  0 Par*…eh, Paraguay or…Arsneckidstan!
The Boy: Lol, well done.
Me: Well Paraguay is right, isn’t it?
The Boy: Yeah.
Me: Just not Arsneckidstan…although I’m sure it’d be a great country!
The Boy: Probably.
Me: …so who are Ars?
The Boy: Arsenal.
Me: *confused* But why are Arsenal playing Paraguay?
The Boy: They’re not.
The Boy: I was being sarcastic.
Me: Sarcasm doesn’t work when it comes to me and football, you know that! So who are they then?
The Boy: Partizan Beograd
Me: Oh….well, good for them.
Me: So the news then?
The Boy: Yup!


17 Comments on “Conversations with The Boy”

  1. White Rabbit says:

    Ahahahahahaha mercy *wipes tear*

  2. Jules says:

    ahahahahahaha!! yes, I think I got confused with paraguay, too! but my dad was watching chelsea (obvs) whilst mum and i were relegated into the kitchen where we watched nigel slater… could of been worse…! x

  3. Sara says:

    hahahaha very nice of him! I don’t know of many people who would do that!

  4. Kathryn says:

    I am so lucky my boyfriend doesn’t like football…!!!!

    Kat Xx

  5. Farah says:

    omg! I’ve had conversations like this with the boypren when we started dating! LOL xoxo

  6. Ahh that was a great match. Hem. Scuse me, Arsenal fan speaking.

  7. Heheh! Ah boys they are gas! I loove that pic of Zooey & Joseph ! x

  8. Oh, I’m sorry, I was too distracted by THAT GORGEOUS PHOTO AT THE END. ❤

  9. aisha says:

    ahahaha, the boy makes me laugh!

  10. dreamer says:

    *sits up from the sheer excitement of simply hearing the word ‘football’*
    that made me lol 🙂
    cute picture at the end. that reminds me, i haven’t seen 500days yet, but i will SOON!

  11. Soooali says:

    🙂 These little stories make my day! If only we had a Chicknamedhermia Street to watch!

  12. Emma says:

    Confuse him out of football. Genius tactic! x

  13. Karin says:

    These arguments usually result in us watching absolutely nothing, and then no one is happy.. 😉


  14. Nikita says:

    you are a lucky girl.

  15. Blau von T says:

    ugh when boys do sarcasim

  16. kellebelle says:

    Bahahahaha! Love this!

  17. Hahahaha- I absolutely love your conversations with The Boy!

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