Conversations with The Boy

Me: *flicking through our four TV stations* God, I hate I’m A Celebrity! Can’t believe it started AGAIN this year!
The Boy: Yeah I know.
Me: And the annoying thing is that I’ll probably end up having to watch it just like last year, because it’s on at the time I’m home and it replaces the decent shows.
The Boy: It’s just so pointless. They’re all nobodies trying to boost their careers.
Me: Yeah! *attempts an Australian accent* G’day mate! I’m in Austraaaaalia. *realises it sounded Indian* I’m not really very good at doing accents, am I?
The Boy: It’s not one of your strongest points, baby.


11 Comments on “Conversations with The Boy”

  1. kellebelle says:

    Gah – I hate I’m (NOT) A Celebrity!!!
    Wanted to watch the Xtrafactor last night not people eating insects and kangaroo balls. Eugh.

  2. White Rabbit says:

    I’m A Celebrity is absolutely RUBBISH

    Also most accents end up sounding Indian for God knows what reason I find. It’s just the easiest one to do!

  3. Magatha May says:

    I love this. My ex used to so the worst accents possible – everything ended up sounding like Apu from the Simpsons

  4. Jules says:

    haha, great post!
    and I totally agree, I HATE I’m a Celeb. I’m also hating XFactor as well this year, such a fix.
    Can STV replay the last series of Taggart again, please? I know it’s only just finished (last week!) but I’m having withdrawal symptoms!

  5. Kate says:

    Haha! I do love Conversations with the Boy.

    And accents that turn Indian. My attempts always turn English or American. =)

    Kate x

  6. Blau von T says:

    I always sound Jamican…as of now I now longer watch the ‘fiX-FACTOR’

  7. terra says:

    This made me laugh because, as an American, I’m sitting here reading this like, but you already have an accent Boy!!

    And I can’t do accents either. They always cross between Scottish and Irish with a little bit of Australian in there too. And a little Canadian too. I’m really bad at it!

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