Word of Mouth

*last night while The Boy is doing the dishes*
Oh I’m meeting Susan this Sunday for lunch.
The Boy: Which Susan?
Me: Doyle.
The Boy: SUSAN BOYLE!!!?????
Me: …..
The Boy: Oh wait….Doyle.
Me: Yeah.
The Boy: *sounds disappointed* Oh….well tell her I said hi….I guess….

*walking through town and crazy wind to reach my bus stop after work yesterday. Nose starts to run, so I pull out a tissue to blow it*
Me: Bastard.

*about to fall asleep last Tuesday night*
The Boy: Hey.
Me: Yeah?
The Boy: Can you get grey hair if you get a big fright?
Me: …..what?
The Boy: You know, if you ….well….like….never mind.


18 Comments on “Word of Mouth”

  1. Jules says:

    I loved the susan doyle/boyle quote!! so funny!! it can happen, though….! x

  2. Magatha May says:

    random much! brilliant, your boy is very entertaining.

  3. Susan Doyle says:

    D’oh! I hate when that happens!

    I have a collection of letters that have come in to work for “Susan Boyle”…I’m sorta proud of them πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to Sunday!! x

  4. White Rabbit says:

    Ahahahahahaha! God Conversations with the Boy cracks me up every time

  5. Haha, I like that! :))


  6. Kitty Cat says:

    Ahaha! That Boy of yours is hilarious. Brilliant stuff.

  7. Herself says:

    CAN you get grey hairs if you get a big fright?! The Boy needs an answer. πŸ™‚

  8. Ha. Love these. He sounds like fun.

  9. kellebelle says:

    Hahah! Fright induced greybies! Eep!

  10. Molly says:

    The boy sounds like non stop giggles! Well u can tell him that Bruce Ismay who was one of the main men at white star line when the titanic sunk apparently turned grey haired the night after he escaped the sinking ship. The joys of going through that phase aged 8 where i was OBSESSED with titanic.

  11. Eve says:

    Hahhahah! These are great! Especially the random guy! Haha. How random!

  12. Anna says:

    Ha ha can’t believe a random guy said that… although nose blowing is quite an attractive action!! Brilliant!

  13. Jaime says:

    LOL. Susan Boyle would be cool to meet!

  14. Sara says:

    I love the randomness. I just do πŸ˜€

  15. skinni peach says:

    baha, love these, put a smile on my face this morning! did you actually call the randomer a bastard! your a mad one! πŸ™‚ .x.

  16. terra says:

    Boys are hilarious. The husband and I were just laughing at mishearing each other a few minutes ago.

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